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What I Do


In addition to production and presentation of shows, I also have unique expertise in venue consultation.

Every project is unique
, however I specialize on consulting on a variety of essential elements for any live entertainment venue, in any sized town or city with a goal to establishing a theatrical hub as a local base of creativity encompassing  higher quality operations of performing arts spaces and the required programming (including show development for both domestic and international export).

Critically, I also provide recommendations on establishing comprehensive education programs to build the local talent pools and provide for sustainable futures with enhanced ability to profit accordingly.

Often, real estate developers, theatre operators and/or local governments are wanting to establish a theatrical hub as a local base of creativity to develop a new culture — tomorrows culture, where I can make recommendations on improving quality vs quantity, striving for international excellence with an attention on a combination of education, performing arts spaces and productions of shows.

With personal hand-on attention to a specific project, I can prepare a comprehensive written report that details both issues, and ideas for improving profit margins, reducing cost and greatly improving both functional usability, reduction of ongoing operational costs and labor.

The English report would be of 1st class international standard, and incorporate such things as the client may require to support either local, provincial or national government support, master planning, architectural review, operational standards or other key needs as the case may be.

If you think this may be of interest, I encourage you to get in contact.

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